What are you truly hungry for?

Does any of this sound like you? 

You’re a conscious and capable woman who knows how to get stuff done. So the fact you’re still hung up on this food thing is driving you crazy. The amount of time and mental energy you spend thinking about what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, why to eat... It's embarrassing and frustrating, because that's not who you want to be.

You’ve done the research, you’ve read the blogs, you’re no stranger to fitness or eating a healthy diet, but nothing has resolved the angst you feel around food.

Another friend is raving about Whole30 and you’re thinking of trying it out, but isn’t this what you always do? You’re looking for “the next thing”, the next new plan you’ll start on Monday. But when the dust settles you always seem to be back in the same place. Lose a few pounds, gain a few more pounds, repeat.  

You’re sick of being so in your head about it all the time. You go to dinner with friends and find yourself staring at the menu, gauging what you can and cannot “afford” to eat. So you use your “willpower” to make it through dinner… then eat an entire bag of chips when you get home. Or you cave in and say yes to the slice of cheesecake, then punish yourself the next day by restricting your calories and spending extra time at the gym. 

This preoccupation with food and weight has been the constant background noise in your life for so long that you’re starting to wonder if this is just the way life is. You’re feeling frustrated and even guilty that you can’t seem to get it together, because you are SO over this.

Could you see yourself in this description? 

If so...

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if you had a good relationship with food?

Imagine if your weight was a non-issue in your life. You’re no longer obsessing over food. All that guilt, and berating yourself over “falling off the wagon” or not being good enough, are GONE. You actually feel peace around your weight, your health, and your eating habits. 

You know how to feed yourself in a way that feels good for you, that nourishes your body and your life and is actually SUSTAINABLE (unlike those fad diets that left you hungry and sad). 

You feel comfortable in your own skin, connected to your body instead of locked in a cosmic battle with it. Getting dressed is fun again! You feel at ease and sexy, rather than judgemental, frustrated, or ashamed. 

There’s no more stress around your food choices. You can go out to dinner or shop for groceries without being all up in your head. You can even smell brownies hot out of the oven without freaking out that you’ll eat the whole pan. 

You’re discovering that other areas in your life where you felt stuck are opening up, and you’re able to pour your time and mental energy into the things that really matter to you (instead of worrying about food). Finally you’re feeling the space and energy to take that next-level step—be that present parent/friend/partner, launch a new business, start the dream hobby, write the book, plan the big trip, be a more confident leader—and it feels amazing!

Hi, I'm Melissa.

I’m a transformational wellness coach and facilitator supporting conscious women who want to develop a healthy realtionship to food and eating.  

The True Hunger program has emerged from over a decade of health coaching, working one-on-one with women going through the exact same things that you’re going through. The more I’ve talked with women about food and weight and how they take care of themselves, the more I’ve noticed that the conversation goes so much deeper than switching to a healthier diet. 

Because eating a healthy diet is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Whether you struggle with weight gain or being underweight, over-exercising or binging and purging, these challenges may look different at first glance but they’re all traced back to a relationship with food that’s volatile and dysfunctional.

For decades I experienced this dysfunctional relationship firsthand. Starting in junior high, I sat down to every meal with a constant chatter in my head. The spaghetti or the salad? Candy for lunch because the package says “fat free.” Diet pills and coffee to banish the hunger. Constant striving to be smaller. Be thinner. Be perfect. (With none of it ever working for long.) 

But over the years I’ve learned this isn’t just my story, and it isn’t just my clients’ story, or my friends’ story, or my family’s story. It’s our story. The collective conversation and obsession with appearance that we’ve been participating in and endlessly trapped in. And I’m here to tell you the truth—that there is SO MUCH MORE out there for us. For you.

Are you ready to taste freedom?

I created the True Hunger Program to help you transform your relationship with food, so you can:

• Get off the crazy-making diet roller coaster for good! (No more fads, no more plans to “start on Monday”!)

• Learn to feed yourself in a way that’s nourishing and satisfying for your body and your life.

• Banish the mind chatter for good so you can actually enjoy eating and feel present at meals with family and friends.

• Stop feeling disconnected and at war with your body, and start feeling connected and IN your body.

• Finally feel true peace around food and eating, so you’re freed up to go and do all the amazing things you’re capable of (that you’ve been putting off for a thinner day).

This is your invitation to leave old patterns behind, get a crucial part of your life unstuck, and finally create the space to go after those bigger dreams that have been calling your name. 

The True Hunger Program begins again on September 6th, 2022 and runs for 6 months. It’s live, in real time, with a small group of other women who are transforming their relationship to food right alongside you. You cannot get lost in this, and you won’t get left behind. 

This program was created for you, and includes multiple components to support your transformation:


All course materials will be delivered through one easy-to-use online platform. You’ll have access to videos, audio recordings, worksheets and notes, a private forum, and bonus interviews with experts in nutrition, movement, and more. No matter your learning style, you’ll have a variety of ways to engage with the material, with me, and with your fellow classmates.


Every two weeks we’ll connect on a 90-minute group call to go deeper with that month's topic. These calls serve as an anchor throughout the program, providing you the space to share your breakdowns and breakthroughs in a supportive environment. This is your chance to share what’s coming up for you, ask those tough questions, and get personalized coaching from me live on the call. It’s a space for us to celebrate, laugh, cry, and see ourselves a lot more clearly!  We are all in this together, and you’ll come away from these calls feeling greater support, clarity, and momentum, with clear next steps as you move forward.


As we move step by step through the material, you’ll have access to a digital workbook with detailed course notes, handouts, and exercises that will help you explore and engage with the program. You’ll be able to return to this material, again and again, to glean new insights or revisit the program’s big ideas.  


Between our group calls you’ll have access to our private forum within the online course portal where you can pop in to ask questions at any time of day or night. I’ll be there to provide the support you need and continue the discussion together as things are coming up for you. As we move through the program you’ll have not only my support but also the support of an incredible group of women who are committed to transformation, just like you. 


As an add-on to the group work, you can get private, one-on-one coaching with me, and these individual sessions can make all the difference. We’ll do an initial discovery session, so I can really get to know you and your story, followed by two or five deep dive sessions, to use throughout the program (schedule a call with Melissa to find out the specifics!). You are not just taking in new information, you’re working out the kinks in absorbing the new ideas as you go. We’ll identify both your blocks and the possibilities for you with personalized, laser focus. This is MEGA support for you in moving forward as things come up.

Please note, there are limited spots in this program. Since it is very personalized with lots of support, only 24 women can join each season. 

If you'd like a peek inside the program before you join us, you can download a free lesson from the course below.

Yes, Please

There's More

Want to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty? Here’s a more detailed look at the work we’ll be doing in The True Hunger Program:

Early Fall 

In the beginning, it's all about getting real and taking an honest look at our patterns. You’ll identify the type of relationship you have with food and eating, and uncover the deeper causes behind what’s been keeping you stuck for so long. You’ll become AWARE. 

The Holidays 

Next, we’ll start to unravel the decades of messaging around food, eating, and body image you’ve internalized. You’ll learn tools to test what’s TRUE and what’s bull, and simple strategies to get out of your head, reconnect with your body, and access your own vitality, power, and wisdom.  All through a season that can be tough on ex-dieters and food. 


In the heart of hybernation season, you'll be begin to integrate all your new wisdom and find your flow! Cooking, dressing, movement, food choices—you’ll learn what works for you and feels great. You'll explore and adopt self-care rituals that fit your body and your lifestyle. You'll begin taking care of yourself in a more fierce and graceful way.


There are 4 investment options:

The group program at $720 

The group program with 3 coaching sessions, $1,160

The group program with 6 coaching sessions, $2,040

The group program with 12 coaching sessions, $3,360

*Adding personal coaching is limited to a small number of spots each season

** Payment plans are available

Schedule a call with Melissa to find out more and save your spot. 

Ready to ditch the diet drama and experience true peace around food and eating?

Together we can cut through all the background noise and find out what it is you’re truly hungry for in life—and get you on your way to achieving that!

You CAN put food in its rightful place and I would love to help you get there.

Don't wake up this time next year and wish you'd invested in yourself this year. Schedule your free consultation below.

What Past Students Are Saying

“Now I am eating healthier because I choose, not because 'I have too because I've been 'bad'', but I also get to eat whatever I want. I live in peace and whenever I hear someone talk about diets, I smile to myself because of my new perspective.”


“I’m not obsessing!! That’s huge for me - it feels like I’ve cured an addiction. This program delivered its promise by supporting me to transform my relationship with food and helping me discover the root of my mind chatter and fix it. And I have now lost weight organically because of it.”


“I have to say... I completely underestimated the power of the group. Aside from Melissa's personal support, I was touched and inspired by the other women and the insight and wisdom I received from them. It was loving, nurturing and empowering. I now know deep in my bones that I am not alone.”

Hannah PasquinzoHannah Pasquinzo

Let this be the year you finally make peace with food, for good.

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